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This company- lambodoors4u is just a scam. Do not buy from them!

The reviews below that say good things about them are written by the company itself!!!

The products they offer are not the products for your vehicle - please believe me. If you dont believe me, then try giving them a phone call - oh yah, you cant because they dont want you too be able to find them.

I am in thep process of suing them currently. They sent me a system that did not fit my vehicle and then when i spent over $1000 dollars modifying the kit then it broke and landed on my head! The systems they sell are complete ***!!!



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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1316246

Thanks , we are thankful for a guy like you !! Will NOT do business with them !

Bixby, Oklahoma, United States #1236067

I ordered a kit from them months ago and still have not got it and Gary from customer service won't respond to my emails anymore cause they already got my money. Going to take them to court soon please don't make the same mistake I did buying from them.

Bixby, Oklahoma, United States #1233774

THEY ARE JUST A SCAM I just got a kit from them for my 3g eclipse *** is miles from fitting and customer service is only *** sucker who quit replying when I asked if they do refunds... do not buy this cheap useless ***.


We are a pro.shop and just bought a couple of kit form them.

Not only did they arrive quickly but the quality was very good for the price we paid.

As a small business owner I know that there are people out there like you (who wrote this untrue review) for personal reasons and then they don't even post any name or else but claim they sued.This kit works, the price and service is great!

to Samuel - CC Customs Houston, Texas, United States #946249

CC Customs I run Picasso Custom out of Texas if you can give me a shout. 361.571.6055 interested in where you are located got work coming in from all over maybe I can throw you a few cars to you in your area.

to Samuel - CC Customs #984823

How long do they usually take to arrive?

San Antonio, Texas, United States #840482

What's there number


:grin get a job or a dog that might solve your issues!


Was a bogus story!


I recieved a call from my cousin today saying that I should go to work for Direct Energy, but after seeing all these negative remarks, I would rather stay unemployed and maintain my integrety.

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