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Placed a order,filled in the regestration form, up comes all different country's ,select andthen it told me they dont ship to my country. Wrote them a e-mail and got a answer: we dont thanx. I want to know why do they advertize to the rest of the world if they dont want to ship to those country's althow they have those country's on there registration site.

I dont see why you advertise something to the rest of the world if you are not willing to sell to them.

Thank you:

Rather advertise it only in America or not at all.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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You posting here a review of a company that does not ship to you, the told you upfront, you DID NOT ORDER and now you claim a loss of $250?? Wow, every business should avoid a per like you!!


And where is your claimed $250 loss? They can ship wherever they want to and your claim is simply false - you did not loose a penny!


Really? That's your complaint? WHERE is your claimed loss???


What a lie! Stick at least to the truth!

You did not place an order with us nor did you have a monetary loss of $250 as you state.

2nd we do not offer to ship to South Africa so what's your issue?

Have a nice day!

to #623158

Here is the email we got back from "him" AFTER we told "him" we did not ship to his location - you have to read this:

An I Quote the email from " leon k.":ate: 2013/03/11:

"That has to be the most offending thing anybody ever said to me and I trade with America every-day and you just tell me you don't deal with me .

I will just put this response you gave me on you-tube, you decide"

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